NLP Counselling in Kent – Exam Success

Correcting the state of mind to achieve a successful outcome

Achieve Exam Success

Exam success and optimum studying is often attributed to a state of mind.  The use of a combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy and CBT can create the correct state of mind for achieving a successful outcome. 

When studying or learning, the unconscious mind absorbs information.  The key is how to access it and then present it or use it in a clear and accurate form when required.  This would apply to either the written work, presentations or passing your driving test and other similar issues.

NLP therapy can used for both children and adults who want to achieve exam success or improve their learning technique and ability.  By using the mind in the right way you will feel more confident and be able to apply what you have learned to feel better and have a more a positive outcome, improving your motivation and focus.

How to book an NLP for Exam Success Session:

To book an NLP for Exam Success session, or to gain further information on how NLP can help you to achieve exam success, please call Patricia on 01732 846374 or email [email protected] 

The initial session for Children  is £50.00 for consultation and a hypnotherapy session and there-after £45.00

For Adults – £70 and £65 there-after.

Usually 3 – 10 sessions are more usual unless there are other presenting issues.

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