Self Hypnosis for Anxiety, Stress and Phobias

Enjoy a calmer and more peaceful state of mind

Self Hypnosis helps to relieve the symptoms of Anxiety, Stress and Phobias

Techniques of self hypnosis, coping strategies and changing thinking patterns will often reduce, and in many cases clear, the effects of anxiety, stress and phobias allowing you to live your life with a calmer and more peaceful state of mind. 

The symptoms of ‘fight and flight’ can be considerably reduced. The use of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Hypnotherapy within the treatment is also very helpful and something that you can do for yourself.

How we think and what we think affects our health, energy, emotions and behaviour so self hypnosis is particularly helpful for changing the way we think and perceive things so that phobias, anxiety, stress and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) behaviour can be reduced and often released all together. 

What is included in the self hypnosis session?

Children and adults of all ages can gain results through self-hypnosis.  Learning and understanding different self hypnosis techniques is achieved through the Mind Connections self hypnosis sessions.  You will learn how to use self  hypnosis to overcome the challenges you face so you can take control of your emotions and feelings.  We will help you to understand how to make positive changes and create harmony mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Depending on your own particular issues, we would suggestion between 1 and 6 sessions.  Sometimes one session will enable you to use this technique and then it is up to you to practice and use it.

How to book a Hypnotherapy Session for Self Hypnosis for Anxiety, Stress and Phobias:

To book a Self-Hypnosis session to help relieve Anxiety, Stress or a Phobia, or to gain further information on how Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome emotional issues, please call Patricia on 01732 846374 or email

The initial session is £75 for consultation and a session and thereafter £65.

Self hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing)

Learn how to hypnotise yourself during pregnancy, labour and delivery as well as after the baby is born, promoting a positive state of mind, feelings of relaxation and better breathing control.  If you learn to relax and create positive thoughts through self-hypnosis, any tension, which may be contributing to the pain, will be reduced.

The benefits of using self hypnosis for pregnancy, labour and childbirth:

To help release any anxiety and fear or tension

To feel and be more in control and aware of what is happening

To help reduce high blood pressure

To help with labour pains and for use between contractions

Can shortening the first stage of labour

May prevent the use of a chemical anaesthetic

To assist the breathing and relaxation

Risk of shock is decreased and there is much less exhaustion

Muscle relaxation reduces danger of foetal injury

Confidence and belief in self as a mother

Looking after yourself after the birth

Hypnotherapy does not create depression of the respiratory or circulatory functions of either mother or baby and does not interfere in any way with the normal mechanics of labour.  In the lighter and medium stages of hypnosis liability to pain is relieved i.e. the fear-pain-tension, with an increased ability to relax.  You can be taught through suggestions to couple deep breathing with strong contractions.

How to book a Hypnotherapy Session for Self Hypnosis for Childbirth:

To book a Self-Hypnosis session to help during pregnancy, labour and delivery, or to gain further information on how Hypnotherapy can help you during Childbirth, please call Patricia on 01732 846374 or email  It does not matter at what stage of pregnancy you are in, even one session can be helpful.

You can learn self-hypnosis for Childbirth either on a one to one or group basis.
5 Sessions – £300.00

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