Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Becoming a Non-Smoker will change your life

stop smoking

Stop smoking with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is hypnosis as a therapy and is used to help people make changes or improve wellbeing. It uses the power of your subconscious mind through positive suggestions, when in a very relaxed or hypnotic state. It is a perfectly safe and natural state to be in.

Willpower and Hypnosis is required to stop smoking

At first, when you start to smoke, it is a conscious decision and then, after a while, it becomes an unconscious or subconscious habit. That is why, when you decide you want to stop, the other part of your mind, the subconscious, has a different programme – says “it is now time for a cigarette” so you light up, because it believes that smoking is now a necessary part of your life. This causes a conflict or a withdrawal symptom, leaving you to believe that have no willpower.

With the guidance of a hypnotherapist it is possible to change the old programme or habit through suggestions to the subconscious mind, so that the conflict is resolved.

Sounds easy, and it is much easier than you think. You do, of course need to want to stop, so self-motivation is key in this process. Any change can sometimes create a fear of failure, or you may experience negative thoughts such as thinking you will have excessive weight gain once you give up smoking, or won’t be able cope with everyday situations, but in hypnosis these anxieties can be addressed. Becoming a non-smoker will change your life.

How many Hypnotherapy Sessions are required?

Usually it is a one or two session treatment. The first session is about 70 mins, the Consultation takes 20 minutes and this will enable us to make your treatment totally customised to your needs, personality and emotional state.

The hypnosis lasts for 30-40 mins.  You will feel very relaxed and comfortable and will likely hear most of what is being said to you. It is a bit like drifting off to sleep but you do not go to sleep, you just remain in a nice relaxed state. Very often a second session is not required, but everyone is different and it may be useful to reinforce the positive suggestions. Sometimes NLP is used in the form of a positive anchor or aversion suggestions.

How to book a Hypnotherapy Session to Stop Smoking:

To book a Hypnotherapy session to Stop Smoking or to gain further information on how Hypnotherapy can help you to kick the habit, please call Patricia on 01732 846374 or email patricia@mindconnections.co.uk

Hypnotherapy Session – Adult – £ 135.00 for 90 minutes
Hypnotherapy Session – Child – £ (not applicable)
45 min backup session – £60.00

Stop Smoking CD – £9.50

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