Hypnotherapy for Weight Management and Optimum Health

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle by using hypnotherapy to help you to lose weight

Hypnotherapy can help to improve your heart and your health

Whether you are wanting to lose a few pounds for a special occasion, are looking to change your eating habits so you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle, or you are embarking on a weight loss programme and are needing some support to help you achieve your target weight, hypnosis is a really effective weight management tool.

How often have you unconsciously eaten more than you wanted either through emotional issues or simply through habit and then felt guilty (another emotion), then continued to eat more because it temporarily made you feel a bit better?  Hypnotherapy can help you to train your mind to change the old programme or old connections of negative eating to form a new and better programme. 

Hypnotherapy is both a relaxing and safe weight management treatment.  Included in the sessions will be advice on healthy eating and nutrition together with some CBT (Cognitive Behavioural therapy) to help change your way of thinking around food and slimming.   

We will show you how to manage food cravings by reducing your stress and anxiety levels along with advice on how to effectively balance your blood sugar levels.  The use of a lifestyle analysis will help you reach optimum health and our personal approach will be tailored to meet your individual needs, helping you to achieve your goal.

How will Hypnotherapy help me to lose weight?

For an effective weight management and weight loss programme, 6 sessions over 6 to l2 weeks should prove effective.  At the end of these 6 sessions, we will assess your progress with a view to reducing the sessions to one per month for 3 months, making a total of 9 sessions.  Some clients like to have “top ups” after this to help them stay motivated and keep on track, and this may be as an individual session or by joining The Mind Connections Weight Loss Group. (link to blog article)

Can Hypnotherapy stop me wanting to eat?

At Mind Connections, we also offer a Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Course.  This type of hypnosis will convince your sub-conscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted, so if successful, you will experience wanting to eat less, you will feel full more quickly and you will feel physically restricted on the quantity of food you can consume in one sitting.  Find out more about the Virtual Gastric Band using Hypnotherapy Course >>

How to book a Hypnotherapy for Weight Management session:

To book a Hypnotherapy session for Weight Management or to gain further information on how Hypnotherapy can help you to manage your weight, please call Patricia on 01732 846374 or email patricia@mindconnections.co.uk

Consultancy Session – Adult – £ 75.00 for 90 minutes
Consultancy Session – Child – £ 60
Hypnotherapy Session – Adult £65.00 for 60 minutes
Hypnotherapy Session – Child – £50

Course Package of 9 sessions – £540.00 (paid in advance)

(Groups of 3 or more people are available after the 9 session programme for £20.00 per session).

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