Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Reduce your pain with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help to ease and control pain

Hypnotherapy for pain management can help manage and reduce back pain, pain of arthritis, pain of migraine headaches, gout and sciatica and many other types of pain that are endured, but with unknown causes.

The source of your pain will fall within one of the following categories: chronic pain; pain due to surgery, or pain due to injury, illness or disease.  As a victim of pain, you are joined by literally millions of others.  Pain is the number one reason people seek medical attention, and pain killers are the most commonly and frequently used prescriptive drugs.

Your goal, regardless of the origin of your pain, is to reduce or eliminate it.  If there is a medical reason why it can’t be completely eliminated, then your goal will be to manage it more effectively so you can learn how to live your life without letting the pain you experience cast a shadow over the enjoyment that life should bring.  Even though the causes of pain are many and varied, the results produced by hypnosis for the treatment of pain are much the same.

Hypnotherapy Treatment for pain as a result of injury, illness or disease

There are no hard and fast rules between the treatment of one painful condition to another, so an approach used for chronic pain can also be incorporated into a treatment for a second degree burn.

In a typical induction for pain control due to injury, you are asked to use positive imagery and to watch the pain undergo a transformation from a symbol of discomfort (a red ball, blazing like the sun) to a symbol that is no longer threatening or harmful ( a small ball that gradually changes to a cool blue and disappears).  This is one way of effectively eliminating your painful sensations.  The methods outlined for the other two origins of pain may work just as well.  It is important to remember that the need for relaxation and the reduction of anxiety is necessary to achieve success.

Hypnotherapy Treatment for pain as a result of surgery

Hypnosis can play an important role before, during and after surgery.  Using hypnotherapy prior to surgery can help you to reduce anxiety and remove any negative feelings about anaesthesia or the operation itself.  During the surgery, hypnosis can serve as an aid to chemical anaesthetic agents and in some cases, be used quite successfully as the only form of anaesthesia.

Hypnosis can also make possible a positive post-operative period.  You will feel more relaxed, experience less pain, and require less drugs.  Side effects such as headaches, nausea, and vomiting, will be reduced or eliminated.  You will be better able to participate in and accelerate your own healing process, and your sense of well-being and general morale will be heightened.

How to Book a Hypnotherapy Session for Pain Management

To book a Hypnotherapy session or to gain further information on how Hypnotherapy can help reduce or eliminate pain, please call Patricia on 01732 846374 or email patricia@mindconnections.co.uk

Consultancy Session – £75

Hypnotherapy Session – Adult – £65
Hypnotherapy Session – Child – £50
No. of sessions recommended initially – 3 – 5 sessions

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