Mindfulness as a Coping Strategy

A mind-body experience or technique using meditation, breathing and CBT

Mindfulness will provide clarity

Mindfulness is a mind-body experience or technique, using meditation, breathing, and elements from CBT and Self-Hypnosis to enable us to become more in tune with our thoughts and feelings, and helping to manage thoughts, providing a greater clarity in the mind.

Mindfulness techniques affect the way the brain works showing increased activity in the pre-frontal cortex which is an area of the brain associated with positive emotion.  Generally Mindfulness is used to release stress, negative thoughts and to help with concentration and focus whether it is at home, socially, in the workplace or in areas of competition such as sports.

Sometimes our thoughts and imagination can work against us creating depression, anxiety and stress.  Insomnia, chronic fatigue and lack of motivation can take over.  Simple techniques that can be practiced within a session and then used at home can make a difference to your inner happiness and wellbeing.  In addition you may find your health receives a boost and you have more energy and vitality.  You may also find you are more able to let go of old anger, guilt and negative thoughts.

The benefits of Mindfulness

Helps to manage our thoughts better instead of feeling overwhelmed

Helps with depression, anxiety, stress, negative habits or addictions, pain tiredness or chronic fatigue syndrome, Insomnia and disease

Helps to boost concentration and focus

Gives insights to emotional states

There is evidence of reduced sickness absence and improved productivity in the workplace.

More able to tap into areas of the brain that may have previously been dormant

May increase intelligence and improve life span

Releases layers of old anger, guilt, anxiety, fear, worry

How to book a Mindfulness Session:

To book a Mindfulness session, or to gain further information on how our Mindfulness techniques can help you, please call Patricia on 01732 846374 or email patricia@mindconnections.co.uk 

The number of sessions can vary, but an initial session will provide clearer understanding of how many sessions may be required.

The initial session is £60.00 for consultation and thereafter each session is £55.00.

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