Bereavement Counselling in Kent

Helping you to feel calmer and easier in mind and body

Bereavement counselling to help you restructure your life

Bereavement Counselling sessions offered at Mind Connections Therapy Practice in Kent provides private counselling for bereavement caused by the loss of a loved one or sometimes a loss of another kind, that may cause pain and grieving.  Supportive counselling can help you to identify and deal with the many emotions involved and also help you to restructure your life.

Bereavement counselling sessions will help you to feel calmer and easier in mind and body.  You may gain valuable personal insights and we will help you to develop an ability to deal and cope more effectively with the grief that consumes you at this present time, enabling you to apply new techniques that help you to feel better and present a more positive outcome. 

This can vary, but an initial session will provide clearer understanding of how many sessions may be required.

How to book a Bereavement Counselling Session:

To book a Bereavement Counselling session, or to gain further information on how our Counselling services can help you cope with your loss, please call Patricia on 01732 846374 or email 

The initial session is £65.00 for consultation and thereafter each session £60.00

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