Counselling for Children in Kent

Helping children to overcome their fears and anxieties

Helping children to shine

Counselling for children can be beneficial to access their own healing process for many issues such as bedwetting, lack of confidence, exam nerves, anxiety, stress related problems whether at home or school and of course many other issues.

Counselling children to help with Self Esteem & Confidence 

Use of affirmations and other processes to access your own positive thoughts coupled with counselling will help your child to feel more in control and improve their self-image. It will also enable the child to have belief in themselves that they can achieve their goals.

Emotional Problems in Children

Emotional problems in children may range from anger, jealousy, and feelings of hurt or rejection, and lack of motivation.  They may also have symptoms of panic attacks, not being able to cope, or seemingly illogical fears.  Use of counselling, visualisation and deep relaxation may help you and your child to gain insights that will help resolve these issues.

How to book a Child Counselling session: 

Consultancy Session – Child – £ 50 for 60 mins
Hypnotherapy Session – Child – £45 (50 – 60 mins)

To book a Child Counselling session, or to gain further information on how Child Counselling may help, please call Patricia on 01732 846374 or email

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