CBT for Relationship Counselling

A therapeutic format for helping to resolve relationship isses

CBT for Relationship Counselling

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for Relationship Counselling aims to give a therapeutic format for relationship issues either on a one to one basis or as couples.  It provides the strategy for clear insights in order to gain a resolution and step out of negative patterns.

By using CBT you will find greater understanding of your relationships and how to interpret them, giving you the ability to make CHOICES from an ENHANCED PERSPECTIVE.  Many clients have expressed how they have integrated and reclaimed positive emotions and accessed energy that had previously been suppressed.  They have resolved conflict, improved self-esteem and changed previously stuck habits and patterns.

Changes in relationships are emotional triggers

The key to relationships is to understand and accept yourself, communicate well, listen, and find out the needs of your partner.  CBT may not resolve all your relationship issues, but working with your relationship and by understanding the patterns (positive and negative) that you have created over a period of time, and the triggers that set off negative responses, it may help you to discover why you chose to be together, reconnecting feelings of love and trust.

All relationships go through change and it may be that divorce or separation is necessary.  However, by working to resolve issues, whether as a couple or as an individual, you will find clarity, insight and peace of mind that will help you to move forward.

Even if you decide that divorce or separation is necessary, that in itself brings stress and adjustments to deal with.  CBT for Relationships is a counselling process which helps you to see how parts of yourself may need healing, acknowledging and support. It is a talking therapy that enables you to understand and access suppressed feelings so that healing may occur together with usually more energy and vitality.    It is a bit like looking at your own self as a map and seeing the different parts of yourself, some of which you may recognise and some of which you don’t.  By experiencing how you have created this enables you to step out of the victim state and gain much more awareness because you can see the whole map from a different viewpoint.

How to book a CBT Session for Relationship Counselling:

To book a CBT session for Relationship Counselling, or to gain further information on how our CBT techniques can help you, please call Patricia on 01732 846374 or email [email protected] 

The initial session is £65.00 for consultation and thereafter each session is £60.00.

The number of sessions required can vary from 3 – 10 or more.  Your commitment and motivation to make a change will be a strong indicator of success.

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