CBT Therapy in Kent

Helping to reduce emotional stress caused by anxiety, stress and phobias

CBT for Anxiety, Stress and Phobias

CBT for Anxiety is helpful in reducing the symptoms and focuses on changing the old thought patterns.  CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is based on the psychotherapeutic approach  to help promote positive change in individuals, to help reduce emotional issues. CBT is an evidence-based treatment for a number of common conditions from stress to depression.

 The sessions in CBT offered at Mind Connections Therapy Practice deals with how your current thoughts and behaviours are affecting you now. CBT recognises that events in your past and particularly thought patterns and behaviours learned in childhood have influenced the way that you think and behave now.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is a talking therapy to help to change your negative thoughts.  How we think and what we think affects our health, energy, emotions and behaviour.  CBT therapy is particularly helpful for changing a negative mind set and building confidence so that anxiety, stress and phobias can be reduced and often released all together.

By challenging your thoughts and discovering the issues and beliefs that may have caused these problems in the first place and focussing on your strengths, it is possible not only to feel calmer and safer but also to reduce the physical symptoms such as headaches, skin problems, pain and insomnia.

How to book a CBT Session for Anxiety, Stress and Phobias:

To book a CBT session for to help with your anxiety, stress or phobia, or to gain further information on how our CBT techniques can help you, please call Patricia on 01732 846374 or email patricia@mindconnections.co.uk

The number of sessions can vary from 3-10 or more, but an initial session will provide clearer understanding of how many sessions may be required.  Your commitment and motivation to make a change will be a strong indicator of success.

The initial session is £75.00 for consultation and thereafter each session is £65.00.

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