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Addictive issues.

Addictions and addictive issues and also the cause of self sabotage can be found in what is called Psychological Reversal.   It represents a fascinating discovery with wide ranging applications in … all areas of healing and personal performance. It is the reason why some diseases are chronic and respond very poorly to conventional treatments. It is also the reason why some people have such a difficult time losing weight or giving up addictive substances. It is, quite literally, the cause of self sabotage.  Psychological Reversal is caused by self defeating, negative thinking which often occurs subconsciously and thus outside of your awareness. Some people have very little of it (this is rare) while others are beset by it most of the time (this also is rare). Most people fall somewhere in between these two extremes. It doesn’t create any feelings within you so you won’t know if it is present or not. Even the most positive people are subject to it.  So how can you correct it.

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How to improve your memory?

How can you improve your memory. Mindfulness may be helpful as if affects the way the brain works showing increased activity in the pre-frontal cortex which is an area of the brain associated with positive emotion.. It is a mind-body experience or technique, using meditation, breathing, yoga approaches (stretching and focus) and elements from CBT.

Did you know that your brain has the ability to grow new neurons.  A lot depends on how active the person is – physically and mentally.   Sleeplessness can also cause memory loss or overwhelming stress. Other factors can be a poor diet. Read more

Stress & Anxiety Management during Exams

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Online CBT Therapy

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Teenagers and confidence

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